Apple Cider Vinegar Helped Me With This….
The struggle is real sometimes. My momma always told me that apple cider vinegar has many uses and is helpful for certain ailments. Well thankfully, I sure did discover one of its uses recently. I get a lot of heartburn. Got it through all 3 of my pregnancies and never really went away.
I Was Wearing This Today But I Just Took It Off!
Ladies help! This is me today and I'm not having it. UGGGGH! Do you wear earrings regularly like me? From time to time, do you ever get a pair that feel like they will rip your ear right off your head? They're really big or maybe not even that big but heavy. I legit took mine off early thi…
Any Remedies You Can Suggest To Get Rid Of My Cough?
You may have noticed this morning that I have an annoying cough right now. Like most people I'm sure. I say it's annoying because there is literally nothing else wrong but that. lol So, Leo was nice enough to make me some tea. Tea, lemon, honey and a tad bit of sugar, just like momma used …