Look what TikTok has me doing now. OMG, if you do not currently have the TikTok app downloaded on your phone, don't do it! I swear, there is a remedy for every single situation when it comes to TikTok and it is super easy to go down the rabbit hole of video after video after video for the solution to life's problems. lol So it looks like I am about to do some deep cleaning and drink about 5 cups of coffee while doing so right? Negative. Here is what I actually plan to do with all of the products in the photo...

Per usual I am dealing with stinking mosquitos. This is apparently a way to get rid of them. It is so bad around my home that I have resorted to either a) avoiding going outdoors altogether or b) wearing yoga pants, a long sleeve shirt and a hoodie on top of that (dark colors of course) to not have to deal with freaking mosquitos! You think I'm playing. Catch me outside on my evening jog one time, I'm the mysterious dark figure,  covered head to toe so mosquitos won't eat me.

So according to my beloved TikTok, they can't stand Folgers. Omigosh who doesn't love a good cup of Folgers cafe every now and then? Anyway, I bought this coffee, not for myself but for the 'skeeters and as instructed, spread it around front and back doors. Did it work? I believe it did. They don't seem to gather around my doors like before.

In case that was not going to remedy the situation, I also mix equal parts Dawn dish soap, vinegar and cold water in a spray bottle and shake real good. Then spray around all doors and windows. Does it work? Temporarily yes. lol But you must spray daily is what I've discovered. You too can get rid of mosquitos with these simple products.
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