How Do You Eat Yours?
Omg I grew up eating these! When is the last time you had a 'break apart' popsicle? Leo and I were out and about and were given one of these, it took us back to our childhood. These yummy things come in blue, green, red, orange and purple but the question is...
Has This Ever Happened To You In The Summer Time?
Since triple digit temps have hit the Basin as of late, it reminded me of something that happened to me years back that was pretty dumb on my part. I used to be bad at 'living out of my car' and had my entire bathroom in my car at one point, including a can of aerosol hairspray. NOT SMART!
Please Spread The Word On These Summer Meals
Thanks to an amazing B93 listener for sharing such an important piece of information with us, we felt the need to pass it on. If you or someone you know is struggling to put food on the table this summer, here is what you can do locally:
How Much Do You Pay?
Now that the kids are home for summer for the next couple of months, the struggle is real. Mom and dad are at work but need a sitter. Here's my question, since it's been a minute that I needed a babysitter for the summer and I'm pretty sure things have changed since I babysat back in …
Not A Fan Of Summer!
Summer sucks. Am I allowed to say that in a blog? Seriously. Let me explain why it is by far, 100%, without a doubt, my LEAST favorite season! One word..mosquitos! If you want to enjoy an evening out, be it barbecue, birthday party, take a dip in a pool, invite ME. You wanna know why? The mosquitos …
Bring Your Kid To Work Day…Kinda
School is OUT for summer! That's right, it's official, because my kid is here at work with me. lol Some parents feel me. There are some days where it just can't be helped and here ya are coming up with ways to entertain. For today, she gets an IPad, some headphones and every kid-frien…
Have A Remedy To Get Rid Of This?
Is it just me or do mosquitos eat you up too this time of year? I'm not that girl that you will see outdoors watering her yard, playing with the kids or relaxing on the porch in the evenings at home. NOPE, not me. Why? Mosquitos.
What Are Things We Dread In The Summer?
Summertime is officially here and the triple digit temps are the norm. We do what we can to stay cool but sometimes these things come with a price. The struggle is real in the summer and also some of these things can be frustrating. Check out what I'm talking about...
Who Remembers Willy Water Bug?
In case you missed it on Leo and Rebecca in the Morning this morning we talked about the ways our parents entertained us during the summer. We didn't have half of the things our kids do these days and definitely not as fancy or expensive! This little gem popped in my head and thanks to an aweso…

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