We have always been taught to help others in need right? I think my parents did a good job of instilling in me that basic principle. If someone needs help and you're able to do so, always help out your fellow man. However, does the same apply to the occasional peddler that you see around the 432? There is almost always someone near the exit by Sams and the loop. If I have cash on me, (which I very rarely do) I will almost always roll my window down and give what I can.

However, one time I had someone with me who said do not give money to a 'peddler.' I was shocked. I asked why? Why wouldn't I if I have it to give? I would want someone to help me out if I were ever in that situation. My friend informed me that if they can stand on a corner and ask for money, they can get a job just as easily! I understand that concept, but I do not know their story and I'm not here to judge. I'm just saying if I have spare change to give, I will. Another friend told me a story once of how she would always give money at that same corner until one day she saw a person asking for money, being picked up in a nicer vehicle then she had!

She said from that day on never again did she give a single dime to anyone at that particular intersection. Now I understand and it would have upset me a little bit. However, like I said before, I don't know a person's story...I just know that if I am ever down and out I would appreciate the help, depending on my situation. Thoughts? It is the season of giving after all.

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