Springtime is here! Warmer temperatures, lots of sunshine, beautiful evenings, even more beautiful West Texas sunsets and all things Spring! Flowers are blooming, sprinklers are back on, grass is slowly but surely turning green again in preparation for summer. 


I'm not going to lie, I have always said that fall is my favorite season because of the crisp, chilly air and leaves turning colors but this is my favorite time of year. How could it not be? This is when I begin to exercise more regularly again, I'm outdoors more, the days get longer and a person just seems to have more energy.

I was reminded yesterday of just how wonderful this time of year is when I heard my neighbor mowing his yard. I thought to myself, I do miss that sound and more importantly the smell! Smells in the spring are IT for me:

  • 100% the smell of fresh cut grass
  • that smell when a good rain shower is coming
  • the smell of actual rain
  • the dirt smell once it has stopped raining
  • sunscreen that I slathered my kids in for a trip to the park or just them playing outside one afternoon
  • the smell of roses or any flowers
  • suntan lotion when I'm outdoors doing yardwork trying to get a little tan on my pale winter arms
  • freshly cut watermelon! I just bought one the other day

I just love the smell of spring and the joy it brings! I'm sure I missed some obvious ones, what are your favorite smells this time of year?

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