I almost forgot to share this with you guys. A couple of weeks ago, my family and I were at Bubba's grabbing a bite to eat. We were crazy surprised when we went to a restaurant on a Sunday afternoon and didn't have to wait. We were even more surprised at how good the service was. Meet Phil. Phil here was funny, fast, and just a flat out good server. Speaking as a former server myself, I gotta give the guy props. At some point during the meal, he realized who I was and he revealed to me that he was Phil Collins. Finally! Someone who understands my pain....That is if Phil Collins had punched one of the most popular and beautiful girls on planet earth, and everyone for the next 15 years thought they were the first person to say the exact same line as the 10,000 people before them lol. Because Phil here understands my pain, there were no cheesy Chris Brown jokes exchanged and I also didn't ask him if he could feel it calling in the air tonight. Good times. Here's to you Phil.