Summer sucks. Am I allowed to say that in a blog? Seriously. Let me explain why it is by far, 100%, without a doubt, my LEAST favorite season! One word..mosquitos! If you want to enjoy an evening out, be it barbecue, birthday party, take a dip in a pool, invite ME. You wanna know why? The mosquitos flock to me and you will remain untouchable. No lie!

I was on vacation last week with my man and my kids. It's summertime so naturally we were outside doing 'outdoorsy things.' lol Who came back covered in red, itchy spots all over? THIS GIRL! We even made a joke about it at some point. My kids called me their 'bug spray.' I'm the Off, bug spray, bug repellent because they will eat me up and leave everyone else around me ALONE!

Can anyone explain this to me? Why is it? Btw, I can spray bug sprays all over me, like your grandma drowns in her viejita perfume and it still doesn't help. The mosquito super band bracelet? Nombre. Anyone at all have the same problem?

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