Today is the first official day of summer! Time for fun in the sun, time to hit the pool, bar b que it up and it's time for......mosquitos! Pesky, annoying mosquitos that are just looking for people like you and I to lay in to. lol Or my chubby, juicy little 2 year old is more like it because that is who is getting bitten more so far in our household and I.HATE.IT. You know mosquitos are a huge bother in our area, especially after the rain we've been having. 

It seems that no amount of deep woods OFF or Bull Frog mosquito repellent is helping anything! We are out and about a lot during the summer and just the other night I purposely put pants, tennis shoes and socks on that child and bathed her in OFF and she still was bitten. So my question is, what does work? I will even try a homemade repellent if it will keep the bugs off my baby.