I was driving today and say this awesome person in their awesome FJ Cruiser sporting this awesome bumper sticker so I had to make sure and show them some love for showing us some love. You the real MVP. I could tell they were loving the Back in the Day Friday jams too because their head was bobbing at the same time as mine. We love our listeners just as much as they love us and it's always awesome to cruise around and see this from time to time. If you know who this is, please make sure and tell them that all of us from the B93 crew say "Thank you for listening and thank you for representing our station." Tell her Chris Brizzown says "HEY GIRL HaaaaaY!"


With all of that said, I hope all of you guys are having an awesome Back in the Day Friday and I hope you all have a awesome and safe 3 day weekend. Labor Day, because labor can SUCK IT!

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