Back in the Day Friday

Least Favorite Back in the Day Jam
As you guys know, B93 hooks you up with a full day of back in the day jams every Friday. 99.99999999999% of what we hear is positive. You guys love Back in the Day Friday as much as we do. However, there's no way you like every single song that gets played...
Gotta Keep It Trill
I know the newer rappers still do this but in honor of Back in the Day Friday, I gots ta throw it back to the OG's. I'm keepin it so TRILL that I'm even stackin' my coffee cup with double foam. This basically says, "I have a day job but I'm still gangsta at heart...
Leo Got Jokes!
Oh I see how it is. Leo wanna be blamin' stuff on me and posting likenesses and what not. I kid, I kid.
Seriously though, where the hell did he find a cartoon that resembled me that much? It's kind of ridiculous. I'm sitting here laughing so hard I can barely even type this right now..…
It’s Back In The Day Friday!
You asked for it, we're bringing it back....for good this time. Last weekend the 4-3-2 got a taste of some Back in the Day Throwback jams and the response was amazing! So now, get ready for Back in the Day Friday!