Ok I cannot with this! I talked about it on the air, when setting up a new online account for anything, you have to deal with the passwords and usernames and security question. OMG! They throw a wrench in things when they ask for a 2nd security question!  Like, I was 5 when I got my first dog, how the heck am I supposed to remember his name? lol

Then another option is what is your favorite color? I want to answer it depends on what day it is, but that's not an option. lol Seriously, I'm the first to say I appreciate modern technology but things can get cray when trying to set up an online account. I would almost rather give my right arm than have to remember every password and username and security question. Then there are those that have you change your password every so often. I usually go with Leo's suggestion....CACA1. The struggle is real! lol

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