I really hope that I am not alone when I say....I HATE PASSWORDS AND USERNAMES! Why me? Am I the only person who feels like a complete idiot when it comes to the two? I can never remember what I've chosen when I'm trying to log in.  I've been told countless times to make it simple, something I am familiar with and even use the same ones over and over. 

It doesn't do me any good when I have the world's worst memory and when some sites ask for a capital letter, a lowercase, a number, your firstborn, your shoe size and the name of your 3rd grade teacher! Ok, maybe I'm getting a little carried away but seriously, what the heck? Leo made a very helpful suggestion and he was serious as all getout too. For those of you like me, who have trouble remembering which password and username go with whatever it is you are logging into, here's a suggestion....caca. (Leo's idea) I can't say I'm against using it for everything in the future. It's simple, easy to spell and I guarantee you will never forget it!

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