I picked up a new hobby recently. My fiance and I stumbled across a few Bob Ross episodes about a month and a half ago and thought, "That looks easy. We could totes do that."

...we were absolutely correct. As it turns out, painting with a little practice and the right guidance is actually not as hard as you may think. Don't get me wrong. This first time we tried to paint, I put WAY too much in the background and screwed it up pretty much the second I started and ended up writing obscenities on the canvas instead while my fiance did pretty good, as you can see from the picture above.

Now, the second painting was a different story. I learned from my mistake on the first one. It certainly is not as good as Bob Ross' version but I'll be damned if it didn't turn out a lot better than you'd expect for my second time ever to paint. Check it out.

Now THAT is a happy little tree.