It's National Tortilla Chip Day! I'm going to tell you one thing, here in Texas we love our tortilla chips! It's got to be the number one chip by far in Texas. And, I would think that the chip is probably the most consumed for us here in Texas I'm stupid. And, if you think about it, the tortilla chip is the only chip that is given to you for free at times like when you go to a Mexican restaurant. Most of the times, you sit down at your favorite Mexican restaurant and they bring you a complimentary bowl of chips and salsa. And yes, those chips are tortilla chips! Just like that, they bring you the delicious tortilla chips to your table. You got to love that.LOL How many times have you dipped a tortilla chip into salsa, if you're like me, plenty of times. There's nothing more comforting than sitting down and taking those chips and dipping them into some awesome salsa and enjoying them. So, other than taking the chips and dipping them what else do we do with tortilla chips? Yep, NACHOS! We love our nachos here in Texas nachos!

That's right, nachos! What are nachos without the tortilla chips?. So whether you just like your nachos with a little bit of cheese or you like it full blown with all the fixings, nachos are awesome and of course you can't have any without the famous tortilla chips. Yes, they deserve a day of their own and that day is today. So whether you enjoy some at a Mexican restaurant, or enjoy some nachos today from a fast food place, or just buy of tortilla chips and enjoy it home, today is that day. Thank you tortilla chips for all you do! LOL

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