So, the ice machine on my refrigerator went out during the holidays. Yeah, that really sucks. If you're like, me you really can't live without ice. So of course that's the reason why I bought a refrigerator that has the ice maker in it. You know the kind I'm talking about, the ones with the ice maker/water dispenser in the door. Well, I messed with it and try to fix it but nope the ice maker is gone. But, thing is is that the dispenser part of the ice maker is still working. In other words, my ice maker doesn't make ice anymore but the part that holds the ice and dispenses it still works. If you push a glass into the front part of the dispenser, ice or water will still dispense into the cup.

So, I decided to do a hack on my refrigerator. Yes, I do have to go to the store and buy ice now. Which, is a cool thing, because now I get great ice from the store. So, here's what I do. I buy a bag of my favorite ice from the store, which is the 'pellet' ice and go home and take out the dispenser part of my ice machine and put the pellet ice into it. So, now when I push my cup into the front of my ice machine on the fridge the 'pellet' ice comes out!

The only drawback on what I'm doing is that you do have to buy ice every now and then but, at least now I get really cool ice that dispenses from my refrigerator. I actually like this a lot better cuz now I get great ice and I'm still able to get it from my refrigerator door. Just a thought in case your ice maker ever goes out on your fridge. It's not the end of the world, you still may be able to use your dispenser by putting some really cool ice in it that you buy at the store. Now, let me go grab some ice.

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