Little known fact about Rebecca....wait for it....I love to read! My favorite subjects in school were English and Reading and I had great grades in both growing up. Yep I'm a weirdo. Can you imagine my book reports back in the day? No Cliffs Notes for this girl. lol

I was constantly getting yelled at for not doing my chores because my nose was in a book. Better yet, I would take books in the bath with me and be in the tub for over an hour when I was supposed to be taking a bath and going to bed. How about this one? I would take a flashlight to bed with me, get under the covers with my book and read. I got busted for that when I had a hard time waking up each morning for school and my mom finally figured out why. All.true.stories.

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved to read. I remember I was hooked on the Sweet Valley books back in the day. I read them all. Only a few will know exactly what I'm talking about. Cut to the holidays, birthdays, my friends and family know me so well, I get books as gifts and I have absolutely no problem with that! 

What I enjoy reading as an adult are autobiographies. The photo says it all. If any of my favorite celebrities put one out, you can bet I either already read it, or it's in my 'cart' ready for purchase. Fortunately, these you see pictured were all gifts. I'm going to have quite the busy year!


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