In honor of Back in the Day Friday and The Ultimate 80's Bash going down at Hacienda tomorrow I tried to notify all my pals about the festivities via this old school cell phone but alas the 80's struggle was real.

Me being in my early 30's remembers some of the struggles of the late 80's. If you find yourself often angry and yelling at  your cell phone and you were born before 1990, try to remember back in the day when getting a signal was virtually impossible and when you finally did you paid the rock bottom low rate of $5 per minute for a call you spent repeating phrases like, "What?? No no I said the call is about to drop not I just fought a cop!! What?? Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now?"

Things have gotten better for sure but at the same time kids will never know the joys of flipping through the encyclopedia for one bit of info just to flip to the page and find that that particular bit of info is actually listed under another title in the ONE DAMN VOLUME YOU LOST WHEN YOUR PARENTS MOVED YOU TO ANOTHER STATE LAST SEMESTER!

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