I'm sorry but IT.IS.ON! I was perusing the 'gram yesterday when I came across a post from tha Dogg himself about Lovers and Friends something or other. I came to a screeching halt when I realized what was happening! A concert, Vegas, Usher is involved? Then I realized, hold up, this is not just any concert, it is a Fest, which in my mind immediately means acts, lots of them and they are all from our Flashback Friday line-up! I damn near shed a tear....this is so beautiful!

Lovers and Friends Fest will be taking place in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds. There are OVER 50 old skool artists that will be throwing it down on 3 stages on Saturday May 14, 2022. Do not play with me, I already signed up for pre-sale notifications! You can do the same here.

Tickets start at $175 and I would imagine everyone, including myself, will have no problem paying that to see and hear the peeps we were jamming to in Jr High and High school. I'm not gonna lie, it is extremely hard to choose who my top 3 would be as far as who I am truly excited to see perform. You can purchase tickets at this link starting this Monday.

I have seen a few in concert already, so I may not actually choose who you think I would or the obvious. lol Let me attempt to choose a top 3:



#3 Is a tie! NEXT


There are too many to choose from, it was a hard decision without a doubt! Are you already making plans for a Vegas trip next May? And who are you excited to see?
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