I'm sorry, where was this when I was a little girl? I came across the story of a local Odessa woman who apparently places books outside her home for children in her neighborhood and pretty much anyone in the community who wants to drop by and grab a couple to read throughout the summer. 

Let me tell you, growing up, I loved reading! Like I would start one before finishing another. I couldn't get to the school library fast enough to turn in what I had and check out more. I mentioned before that one of the ways I would get in trouble as a child was that I would stay up past my bedtime to READ! lol So this idea to me, is genius, generous and great!

Here's are the deets on what this Odessa woman by the name of Jackie Hall calls the 'Winwood Little Free Library.' You may stop by and take a book and are also encouraged to leave a book that you may have in your home library that you have already read for others to take.

According to our news partner Newswest 9, who had the opportunity to visit with Ms. Hall, she states that,

"We got this reading bench and I’d like to add some cement here and make a little shaded reading nook so if they want to stop and browse the books for a few minutes or if mom wants to read a story to them before they move on and continue their walk. This summer while it’s so hot if I notice anybody out, I will be bringing out bottles of cold water."

Best.idea.ever. in my opinion! As a mother of 3, I have books galore that I have read to my children over the years or that they have read countless times that I do not know what to do with. I now know that I can either donate them to the Winwood Little Free Library or as this Odessa resident encourages, start a free, little neighborhood library of my own.

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