Is your kitchen table looking like this right now? It's that time of year folks! Literally days away from the end of school. Cue the graded papers, artwork, textbooks, folders, leftover school supplies and spiral notebooks that were used throughout the year. You may or may not get the lunchbox they 'just had to have' before school started back because that might have already found it's way to the lost and found at school. Smh. 

Nevermind the jackets, sweatshirts, gym clothes and shoes that you spent a small fortune on. These come back in the form of nasty, smelly, science experiments that sat in gym lockers or shoved at the bottom of backpacks for a few months. I'm a bit of a pro at this with three kids.

The end of another school year also means end of year concerts, programs, award ceremonies and graduations. Mommy's and daddy's rearranging work schedules, taking time off from work scrambling to make it to all of the above. It's all about getting the best possible seat, so you can wave at your kid to let them know you made it, you are there. It's all about snapping the perfect photo to post on social media for a 'mom/dad brag' or for memories in general.

The sad part of it all is the reminder that your little one is another year older. Weren't we just buying school supplies last month? It sure feels that way. Time flies. Believe me, both of my son's are taller than me now, they were little babies just yesterday. Enjoy this time parents, be there for all of the end of school events, take all the pictures, post all of the accomplishments. They don't stay little long.
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