Week #2 begins of back-to-school fun! My little one's backpack is full of papers, pamphlets and forms to sign and the other day he came home with this. It is Scholastic Book ordering time. lol I totally remember Scholastic books from when I was in Elementary school, especially the book fair! It was a treat getting to go buy books every year. lol  Just like my child did, I would circle everything and want one of each book and just expect that my parents would buy them all. lol I distinctly remember my book's of choice at the time were the 'Sweet Valley' series. The twins, Jessica and Elizabeth and their struggle with growing up. It's funny now but I loved and had every single one of those books back in the day. My 8 year old has his own collection of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series and has read them all three times or more. I love that Scholastic is still around. Do you remember ordering and if so, which books were your fave?


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