Believe it or not I am a reader. I love to read books, specifically autobiographies about celebrities. Right now I'm reading J Lo's book True Love, it was given to me as a gift because I have to physically have it in hand to read. I have a friend who decided to read the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy and she downloaded the audio book. No thank you!

If you are a reader, which do you prefer? I personally think I would fall asleep listening to a book for a couple of reasons:

  1. the reader has to have a nice voice-I just have a thing about 'nice sounding voices' If it's Liam Neeson or Morgan Freeman I'm cool with that but I cannot have a person I wouldn't even want to have a conversation with much less have read to me in my ear
  2. the perfect example of what I'm talking about...when my friend downloaded her book, the reader of 'Fifty Shades' is female....enough said.

Which do you do? Audio book or would you rather be holding a book in hand and flipping through the pages?


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