You probably hear me on the regular talking about our friends with United Supermarkets and Market Street. It is no secret that that is where Leo and I shop. Not together but separately and often. lol I am a fan of the ready meals, Leo prefers the bakery. Those thumbprint cookies tho!

If you have never set foot inside of one United Supermarket or Market Streets several locations throughout the 432, do yourself a favor and try it. As a mom, I go in prepared. List in hand, trying to stay focused on the task at hand and only planning to buy the items on my list. Well the truth of the matter is, that never happens.

I always discover something new that United or Market Street has to offer and immediately I go off course like a kid. Squirrel! lol Check out the photo in this article. What you see is fried chicken. But not just an friend chicken, fried chicken from United Supermarket. Did you even know you could purchase this many pieces of chicken and in a box?

I am telling you right now, the next time you have a family gathering or a work function, I highly recommend ordering the fried chicken ahead of time and picking it up for everyone to enjoy! Hands down best chicken I have eaten in a very long time.

Now that kids are back to school, might I suggest hitting up United Supermarkets or Market Street for dinner any day of the week? This chicken is IT for me!

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