ready meals

It Might Surprise You Where I Found The Best Fried Chicken
You probably hear me on the regular talking about our friends with United Supermarkets and Market Street. It is no secret that that is where Leo and I shop. Not together but separately and often. lol I am a fan of the ready meals, Leo prefers the bakery. Those thumbprint cookies tho!
COVID Vaccines Available While You Shop At United
OMG is there anything United Supermarkets and Market Street does not do? You probably hear me talk about them quite a bit because they are my favorite. It is my store, where I shop for everything my family needs. Because of cleanliness, because of customer service, because of the rewards program they offer and so on and so forth.
United Supermarkets Ready Meals Are IT For Me
UNITED for the win, again! When you hear me on the radio talking about United Supermarkets, I'm not exaggerating or even kidding when I say 'ready meals' have become a part of my life. I have enjoyed them so much I probably eat one at least 3 times a week. This was lastnight's dinner.
United For The Win Again!
United for the win again! I cannot get enough of their ready meals. So convenient, so easy to follow directions as far as heating and eating and such variety. I went to a different United Supermarket location the other day and they had different options...