What Is Going On Here?
What is with me and crazy things I encounter while shopping lately? A late night trip to the grocery store was not so productive for me earlier this week. I typically do my grocery shopping during the day, so this tripped me out. I have so many questions?
What In The Heck Is This Used For?
So I'm shopping around for groceries the other day and as I'm heading over to the meat section I came across something rather interesting. Honestly in my entire 39 years (wink,wink) I have NEVER seen this! I feel like growing up grocery shopping with momma, I would have come across these..…
Have You Even Christmas Shopped?
We are officially 6 days away from Christmas! Usually this close to the day, you have conversations with friends and family about whether or not they've done all of their Christmas shopping? I am extremely surprised, that this year I have heard a lot of....
Black Friday Or Cyber Monday?
I remember some time ago when everyone would hit up Black Friday like their life depended on it but after asking several people that I KNOW used to Black Friday shop if they were going to this year and hearing no, I'm thinking is it still a big 'thing?' Maybe today, Cyber Monday has t…
Back To School-The Struggle Is Real
Part 2 of my back to school series....J/K it can be a somewhat stressful time of year though. Clothes-check, shoes-check, backpack-check, school supplies-check! Then you remember oh snap, my kiddo needs a haircut, that shaggy summer mane doesn't cut it anymore. lol
The Ketchup Debate
Grocery shopping is so much fun! Said no one ever......smh. I discovered the other day it's a little tougher when I don't have all 3 of my children with me. lol I have gotten so used to little hands grabbing what they want and throwing it in the basket (then me removing it on other aisles)…
Which Is Better-Black Friday Or Cyber Monday For Shopping?
It is Cyber Monday! If you didn't brave the Black Friday crowd, do you plan to spend your day online getting 'the deals?' When I woke up and checked my email this morning, the first thing I saw were all the Cyber Monday sales I could get my hands on from all of my favorite retailers. …
school supplies
'You're killin me smalls!' #thestruggle It is real when shopping for school supplies. I seriously attempted this yesterday. If you're like me, you know that every new school year will be an adventure when you get that school supply list. lol
This Weekend Is Tax Free Weekend!
Tax Free Weekend is this weekend! Are you making plans to get some back-to-school shopping done with your kids? Remember that school supplies and clothes under $100 are tax free this weekend. If you have questions as to what is tax free and what is not, here is a list to help you out.

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