How Are You Shopping In 2020?
It is December 1st omg! 24 shopping days until Christmas, the time of year when the words you see in the pic are such magical words. lol Your order has shipped. I have to admit, over the last couple of years, I have done alot more online shopping that in store shopping.
Should There Be A New Policy About Touching Items While Shopping?
Remember back in the day when our parents would scare us from picking up things at the store and tell us, 'you break it, you buy it?' Some stores even had signs that said it. Well, according to a new survey, many people believe that during the pandemic, businesses should implement a new po…
Several Stores Announce They Will Be Closed Thanksgiving Day
Several stores have already announced that they do not plan to open on Thanksgiving. I say sweet! Ever since this became I 'thing' I truly felt bad for those in retail who had to go in to work and not get to spend a nice holiday with their families. Therefore I am actually happy that this …
Tax Free Weekend 2020
Since the first day of school is right around the corner and for those that are heading back to school this year, get ready because Tax Free weekend is almost here! Every year the beginning of August, in this case, Friday August 7th through Sunday August 9th, Texans can shop back-to-school supplies,…
I’m Hooked On United Supermarkets Ready Made Meals
I'm telling you I've got a couple of more reasons to be happy that United Supermarkets have made their way to the 4-3-2! My dinner lastnight was the best. In case you were not aware, you can hit up United Supermarkets and find these fabulous ready-made-meals.
What Is Going On Here?
What is with me and crazy things I encounter while shopping lately? A late night trip to the grocery store was not so productive for me earlier this week. I typically do my grocery shopping during the day, so this tripped me out. I have so many questions?
What In The Heck Is This Used For?
So I'm shopping around for groceries the other day and as I'm heading over to the meat section I came across something rather interesting. Honestly in my entire 39 years (wink,wink) I have NEVER seen this! I feel like growing up grocery shopping with momma, I would have come across these..…
Have You Even Christmas Shopped?
We are officially 6 days away from Christmas! Usually this close to the day, you have conversations with friends and family about whether or not they've done all of their Christmas shopping? I am extremely surprised, that this year I have heard a lot of....
Black Friday Or Cyber Monday?
I remember some time ago when everyone would hit up Black Friday like their life depended on it but after asking several people that I KNOW used to Black Friday shop if they were going to this year and hearing no, I'm thinking is it still a big 'thing?' Maybe today, Cyber Monday has t…

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