So if you read my blog from yesterday about how to tell if your lady is in a good mood when you get home from work, hopefully it gave you some insight and helps out in the future. Now guys, let me tell you how to brighten her mood if she had a rough day..

the moment you walk in and she snaps, what you do is immediately say, 'honey, I've got dinner. What if we load everyone up and go to X restaurant?' Instant mood changer. She will be super grateful that you will take something off of her plate that she has to deal with that day.

If she is cranky, ask her, is there laundry I can start, fold, put away? Laundry, especially for more than just you and her, say an entire family IS A PAIN! Yet it is something most women do every single day. Literally take a 'load' off of her back by doing a few loads of clothes.

If she's got the 'I-could-rip-someone's-head-off,' look on her face, find the kids and take them away. lol Just get them out of her hair for an hour or two. Take them to the park, to get ice cream, feed them, all of these things will really help settle mom's nerves and let her regroup.

Take it from me, mommin' and wifin' ain't easy. They can both be one of the most difficult yet rewarding things you will ever do. So any chance you get to help out, do so, I guarantee you will be appreciated everytime.

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