Stop it right now! Stop the presses! Is this true, because if it's not my little Tex-Mex heart can't take it! Let me tell you right now anytime I leave town and go to a bigger city that has this restaurant, it is my first stop. Mr. Iglesias and I loooooove this place and there is a 'rumor' we are getting one in the 432. But that rumor may have just been confirmed...

apparently last week it was circulating online that a Chuy's was coming to Midland. Peeps were excited to hear that this was potentially going to happen until Friday afternoon on Twitter when the actual Chuy's Tex Mex Twitter account jumped in on the action!


We are actually getting a Chuy's next year? I mean this is straight from the horses mouth right?


Chuy's is a chain of Tex Mex restaurants that originated in Austin, TX in the early 80's. Now they are all over the country but my personal favorite location is the closest to us, in Lubbock. We visit often and even have a favorite waiter there. (Adam)


A number of items on the menu but the first thing we order when we sit down is whichever seasonal frozen margarita they offer, strawberry, blackberry, peach are a few we've tried, followed by chips, salsa and jalapeno ranch to also dip our chips in.

Then as our appetizer we order the infamous 'boom boom sauce' with an order of tortillas. It is a meal in itself. The boom boom sauce is made of roasted New Mexico green chiles, tomatillos, onions, cilantro and cheese. It is soooo good. 

You can get the sauce on enchiladas, tacos are good, nachos, quesadillas, 'big as yo face burritos,' the tortilla soup is to die for too! Gosh now I need to take a trip to Lubbock! lol

Oh and by the way, BEST TRES LECHES CAKE YOU WILL EAT EVER! I said what I said. 

I am hoping, crossing my fingers, that this is true because my emotions cannot me played with like that. Have you ever eaten at Chuy's?

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