Move Over Fidget Spinner-This Is The New Thing Kids Want
Think back four years ago to what our kids were all about. What were they asking for? What were they walking around with constantly in their hands? FIDGET SPINNERS! There are still a ton all over our house, not being played with of course but they're there. (insert eye roll here) Well, move over fid…
Rebecca: I Tried The New Lemon Salad At Chick Fil A!
As heard on Leo and Rebecca in the morning earlier this week, we discussed Chick Fil A adding a couple of new items to their menu. Just in time for summer, a new drink, Sunjoy has been added at participating locations. The Sunjoy drink is a combination of sweet tea and lemonade. I've yet to try it b…
Two New Kent Kwik’s Coming To This Area Of Odessa
Ooooh I love it when new convenience stores hit the 432! Well new to me, because they are new to the road I take on my drive home. For the longest time I have wished for loop 338 in Odessa to have a place for me to stop and grab a quick soda or a snack on my commute home or fill up with gas but ther…
I Love My Baby Yoda!
It is a sad but true fact, I have never in my life, not once, ever watched a Star Wars movie. Not the beginning, not the end, nothing. Leo and Rebecca have talked about it on The Morning Show countless times because Leo is a huge Star Wars fan and Rebecca never knows a thing about it. I literally ca…
I Got A New One Of These And Could Not Be More Excited
You know you're an adult when....things like this excite you! I made a couple of purchases recently. I bought a brand new red crock pot and this magic bullet mini blender. I got home like a kid on Christmas and could not wait to open both and use them! Legit new appliances, because I've ha…
Scoob Movie Review
The new Scooby Doo movie dropped last week and since some movies are heading straight to on demand or streaming services right now, we have been paying 20 bucks to watch. My kids were so excited to rent and watch Scoob, so we had a family movie night the other night. The verdict?
My Weekly What Is It Going To Be Blog
I seriously think I need to do a weekly blog titled, 'what the heck is it going to be?' It seems that as you drive around the 4-3-2 these days, there is construction on something new everywhere you turn. I stopped in to Saltgrass off of 191 to grab a bite the other day and noticed somethin…
who has tried these?
Can someone try these and let me know if they're good? New Coke flavors. I've been seeing the commercials and wonder how they taste? I'm sure there are plenty of peeps who have tried them already so I'm curious and too cheap to grab some if they're not all that. lol
my new mattress
For the past couple of weeks, you have probably heard Leo and I talk about our new Mattress Firm mattresses. I, personally cannot say enough good about this mattress and I guarantee I will never go back to what I had before! I'm a mattress snob now. lol

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