In the beginning of 2020, we were super excited to be a part of the grand opening of Raising Cane's in Midland. Up to that point, the only time I was able to get my chicken fingers and 'cane sauce' fix was in Lubbock. And trust, anytime I made my way up North, I paid their Raising Cane's a visit and it never disappointed. 

Then, as I mentioned before, Cane's came to Midland and other than B93 happily being a part of the grand opening, it stayed super busy for weeks after and it would be awhile before I could get my hands on some crinkle fries and toast.

After the traffic and excitement died down a bit, I was right back at it with my 3 finger combo meal, extra toast, unsweet tea, extra Cane sauce meal! Cut to this year, learning that a Raising Cane's is going up in Odessa. I probably cried when I heard the news, I don't remember, I was just so excited! lol

In case you haven't seen it, it is being built on 42nd st. rather quickly! I saw a sign that says they are currently hiring and all you have to do to apply is visit the website or text RCJOBS to 97211. If you are a 'Caniac' like me, no doubt you will be visiting both Raising Cane's in the 432 because we know how lucky we are to have them in the area.

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