Raising Cane's

Raising Cane’s Coming To Odessa Now Hiring
In the beginning of 2020, we were super excited to be a part of the grand opening of Raising Cane's in Midland. Up to that point, the only time I was able to get my chicken fingers and 'cane sauce' fix was in Lubbock. And trust, anytime I made my way up North, I paid their Raising Cane's a visit and it never disappointed.
Is This The New Location Of The Raising Cane’s Coming To Odessa?
I drive by this building on a regular basis. I would always see a sign that said 'Southwest Office Building' and sometimes wondered what it is actually used for? If you have ever driven down 42nd st. then you would see it too. However, a few weeks ago I was surprised to see that the building I would pass by and wonder what the heck it was for so long was now being demolished!
Another Reason To Love Raising Cane’s
You've probably heard Leo and Rebecca talk about one of our fave's Raising Cane's in the morning. We love the food of course but we also know what an amazing company they are to work for. Yesterday they proved that by announcing that they will....
Raising Cane’s Is Coming!
Every now and then there are rumblings that we are getting something new in the 4-3-2 and everyone starts buzzing about is it real, are the rumors true? Well earlier in the week, we heard about a Raising Cane's coming to Midland and yesterday it was confirmed that those rumors are true.