Well, I've done something I've never done during the past holidays of the past years. I have actually already taken down my Christmas tree and my Christmas lights. And, let me tell you, that is a major task for me because in the past I've been known to leave my Christmas tree and especially my Christmas lights up throughout the month of January. I'm also the guy that puts up the Christmas tree and Christmas lights way before Thanksgiving. I'm going to call it holiday peer pressure. Yep, the other day I come home driving to my house and I see that my neighbor is taking down their Christmas lights. I thought to myself, well that's cool for him but I want to leave mine up for a while. But, I started thinking...wow I'm going to be the only house on the block that has Christmas lights still up. We were the only two houses that really did anything for the holidays as far as Christmas decorations outside. So I went in my house and I really had no intentions of taking them down. I was going to leave mine up a little bit longer, but for some reason, my mind kept telling me just take them down already!

So, yes, I wish you was peer pressured into taking down my Christmas lights. But, I'm actually kind of grateful. Because, now I don't have to worry about it. Plus, I did get a major jump on the holiday by putting up the Christmas lights way too early. So what about you? Have you taken down your Christmas lights yet? Oh, and by the way, lights and Christmas tree go up at the same time and come down at the same time in my house.

Here's looking to next year!

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