We are 15 days away from Thanksgiving! Seriously, normally we would all be super excited for turkey day, the food, the family, the football but this year with the pandemic, things may be looking a little different for some people. Many people have barely left their homes for things like groceries and necessities, much less are they worried about the upcoming holiday. 

Is your Thanksgiving gathering going to be scarce this year? Here are a some suggested ways to celebrate with family and friends while social distancing.

  • virtual Thanksgiving-get ready to Zoom everyone in your circle and virtually eat together
  • outside dining or 'al fresco'-let everyone know ahead of time that the meal will be out on the patio or in the backyard this year
  • cut down your guest list-maybe instead of friends AND family this year, you only choose one or the other not both this year

Are you doing things differently this Thanksgiving and if so, how?

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