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How Will You Celebrate Thanksgiving This Year?
We are 15 days away from Thanksgiving! Seriously, normally we would all be super excited for turkey day, the food, the family, the football but this year with the pandemic, things may be looking a little different for some people. Many people have barely left their homes for things like groceries an…
I Was A Hugger…I Guess Not Anymore
I'm a hugger. With family, friends, some acquaintances. So what am I supposed to do once we all get out and about again? I saw someone I went to school with at the store the other day, I didn't hug her when normally I would have. In fact it was kind of awkward.
What Is The 1st Thing You Plan To Do When We Are Out Of Quarantine?
What is the 1st thing you plan to do once things return back to 'normal?' Do you constantly ask yourself that and the answer is different each day? lol That's me. Some days I say go out to eat at my very favorite restaurant and just sit there as long as I want since I'm not able to right now. On a d…