So a year ago, we were dealing with shortages. When the pandemic first began, I remember I was beyond worried that there would not be any toilet paper left for me to buy. Then the shelves were empty, different foods were hard to find, then anything antibacterial started to disappear, Lysol couldn't be found. Omg those times were tough and I hope we never have to go through that again!

Well cut to me at the grocery store the other day looking for a couple of sticks of deodorant for myself and my teenage son. I had to take a pic because I knew my child would not believe me when I told him they didn't have his favorite! lol Are you kidding me? First it was the toilet paper shortage of 2020, now there is the great deodorant shortage of 2021? Are we ever going to catch a break?

What's up with no D.O. for the B.O? And also should we be concerned for what there IS plenty of? Like all the good stuff is gone and what is left on the shelves, do those not work? lol If those were my fave, now I'm worried. Maybe its time to make that switch?

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