I have quite a bit of experience in the school lunch department. I've been making them for many years, for all 3 of my children. Over the years, I have to say taking lunch from home has evolved. My oldest was good with pb&j, or a turkey and cheese sandwich. My middle and youngest got fancy with the Lunchables, to which this single mom cringed at but still budgeted for. So now, let us address the elephant in the room...

is anyone going to address the Lunchable shortage? Have you tried looking for actual Lunchables lately? It is literally all my children will eat and whatever this is I am finding on the shelves just doesn't cut it. I need the nacho Lunchables for my son and the make your own pizza ones for my mini me.

Parents, if you have littles, you know exactly where I am coming from! Back in the day, if I didn't like what my momma sent me in my lunchbox, my dad would tell me I could eat it or starve! I know I should probably say the same to my children but no. It doesn't work that way. lol We need our Lunchables!

So FYI, here is what I came up with when I Googled it because I thought I was losing my mind. It is a thing, it is trending and they truly have disappeared from store shelves, due to high demand. In fact a Kraft Heinz spokesperson (the company that makes Lunchables) says that,

Compared to 2019, nearly two million more households bought Kraft Heinz brands in the second quarter of 2021.

To address this growth, the company is working to invest in its supply chains.

In other words, be patient moms, they will be back on shelves just as quickly as they can get made. Wow, this is the last thing I thought there would be a shortage of in 2021.

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