I was truly hoping that the situation that began during the pandemic where there are shortages of certain items was over but I am quickly discovering that is not the case. I have been seeing on my personal social media pages, mother's reaching out to other mother's for help. As a proud mother of 3, this immediately piqued my interest, I had to figure out what was going on?

Were you aware there is a baby formula shortage? I have seen concerned mom's with babies on Facebook posting asking fellow new moms if they know where formula might be available and furthermore posting photos of empty shelves where baby formula would typically be fully stocked.


According to azfamily.com,

The shortage is caused by ongoing supply chain problems and a massive recall of several popular brands of formula, including Similac, that wiped out existing products

Thinking back, having had 3 babies of my own, my greatest concern was the cost of baby formula, but I always made a way regardless. It is disheartening to think that parents of babies who still require baby formula may have that exact concern on top of not being able to find the formula their baby requires as well.

Unfortunately, I have also seen in some of the threads of moms asking if other moms know where to find formula in town, negative comments from others who have no business commenting suggesting these mothers just breastfeed.

I would urge anyone before you speak, to keep in mind that for some mother's this is just not possible for various reasons. Also, remain sensitive to the fact that not all babies can drink just any formula. Some require a specific certain kind due to digestive issues, being born prematurely, and so on and so forth.

My suggestion is the next time you are out grocery shopping, take a stroll down the baby formula aisle and if you see there is formula available, take a photo and post to your personal social media accounts to help spread the word to mothers who are no doubt stressing over this dire situation. Or better yet, if you have the resources, buy a couple of cans and offer them to friends who are new parents.

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