I am telling you right now, these Spirit Halloween stores are S-N-E-A-K-Y! It is so crazy that this time of year, if a business goes under or a building is abandoned, boom they will take over for the season! It is not unusual around September to literally be driving a route that you always take and all of a sudden one pops up and you're thinking to yourself, 'where did that come from? It wasn't there yesterday!' lol It's true.

So yesterday I'm out and about with my 8 year old and she shouts, 'mom can we go in there and get a Halloween costume?!' What? Where? I hadn't even noticed it. And I'm thinking to myself, can a girl continue to get her pumpkin spice on before we worry about what princess you want to be this year? Dang!

Kids notice them before we do. And since this mom is a procrastinator, I've discovered that if I want until a week or two into October to take her, everything will be gone. Like there are legit people going in right now to get their costumes, hair and face paint, accessories and Halloween decor while I'm over here not knowing what I'm going to make for dinner tonight!

So FYI here is where you can find a Spirit Halloween store in the 432 currently:

Midland-3001 W. Loop 250 N.

3303 W. Illinois Ave. Ste B15

Odessa-2635 N. County Rd. W (next to Planet Fitness)

off of 191 and loop 338 in the Chimney Rock Shopping Center (next to Versona)

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