It literally boggles my mind some of the shortages we have dealt with in the last 2 years. Truly some of them make more sense than others. Toilet paper I get, canned goods last year made sense, we loaded up prepared for the unknown. Several other items that I'm sure you noticed have been missing from grocery store shelves that you wait awhile and they eventually get restocked but there is one that 1 has me scratching my head. 

Story time: so I made chili one recent cold day and decided to grab a bag of regular Fritos in case anyone in my family wanted Frito pie. Except that I couldn't find regular Fritos at the store I happened to be at? No biggie, I called my man and asked him to grab a bag on the way home.

About 30 minutes later when he still had not made it home for dinner I called to ask what was taking so long? He informed me that he had just left store #2 and was on his way to a third because he could not find a bag of regular Fritos! What the heck? Oh well I guess we didn't need Fritos that bad that day!

A couple of days later I'm scrolling through Facebook and see that my cousin is asking anyone if they know what happened to regular Fritos because she can't find anything but flamin' hot and chili cheese, no regular!

At that point I thought ok so I'm not the only one struggling to find them. Is there a Fritos shortage I'm not aware of? Have they stopped making regular Fritos altogether? Who has the answers to these very important questions?

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