Alright guys I hate to admit it but I get it. I now know why when I send my man to the store for a specific item he gets something crazy. Or my sons, I can say 'it's a green box, it has this writing on it and you will find it in such and such aisle' they still come back with the wrong thing!

Why do I know this? Because it happened to me the other day. I needed a part for a toilet. My man said he would go get it after work. I said no, no biggie I got this. I'll go get it and when you get home you can just fix the problem done deal, it will be easier on everyone.

Except that it wasn't easy. He gave me specifics as I do him and my children and I'll be darned if I didn't walk in the store, down the aisle he told me it would be on, and freaked out. I thought to myself so this is what it's like when he asks what I want for birthday, Christmas, etc. and I tell him a specific item and he comes back with a gift card. lol

There are way, way too many choices! Different colors, shapes, sizes, colorful packaging. I literally thought I was going to walk in, grab what I needed and walk out. It was not that simple at all. Just like I said in the beginning, I get it now and I won't be so quick to bug out when my boys don't get momma exactly what she wanted. My new attitude will be, 'it's all good this will do!' lol
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