First it was Popeye's with their spicy chicken sandwiches, the fact that they ran out. Now, we must discuss the great burrito shortage of 2019! Can someone explain to me what is going on? In my hometown, we have an Allsups. EVERYONE knows one of the greatest things to happen to this country is an Allsups beef and bean burrito. 

In recent weeks, I had heard some buzz and read online that there were no burritos and refused to believe it. That is until I got the phone call from my man....upset that in Andrews, TX they've been out of burritos for about 3 weeks! (insert Psycho music here)

What? How? Why? How long do we have to wait? I don't think I can! Does anyone know when I can get my hands on a beef and bean fried burrito again? I also heard a 'rumor' that they may be getting rid of them all together! I can't. Does anyone have answers?


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