I don't know how much more of these 'shortages' I can take! There was a toilet paper shortage last year, a coin shortage that somehow mysteriously disappeared and now apparently we are having to deal with a ketchup shortage?

What is going on? If you would have asked me, what do you think there will be a shortage of next, I might have guessed maybe a soda shortage? I sure did stock up on 12 packs of cherry Coke zero like it's going out of style. (another story for another day)

But ketchup, like for real? Because I'm pretty sure I have some from about 4 fast food restaurants in my fridge right now. Kind of like cheese and peppers from pizza joints, I just keep that stuff 'for a rainy day,' in a little baggie. No lie. lol

Well according to Newswest 9, they say one of the most well-known brands of ketchup, Heinz, is having a hard time keeping up with the demand of ketchup packets. because so many people have been ordering take-out since the pandemic began. I wonder if it could have anything to do with the folks handing me my food at most fast food joints and 20 packets of ketchup for one order of fries?

No complaints here, I'm JS. Fortunately it is just the ketchup packets you get with your to-go order and not necessarily bottles of ketchup. Those are still on shelves luckily. Just don't be surprised if next time you ask for ketchup, they don't squeeze some in a little cup for you and send you on your way.

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