Check Out My Whataburger Swag!
Merry Christmas to meeee! Our good friends with Whataburger dropped in yesterday to bring us the new yummy Buffalo Ranch Chicken Strip Sandwich and they also brought some Whataburger swag!
ketchup or mustard?
Do you not just have a craving every now and then for corn dogs? I get that way so I had to grab me some mini's. I was with bae and offered to share. He was down until he saw the ketchup. lol Apparently he's never tried corn dogs with ketchup! Wth? Then you haven't lived boo-boo!
Are You A Dip & Squeeze Or Peel & Dip?
I have a question, which type of person are you? I'm talking in terms of this ketchup. When I had lunch yesterday at Chick fil A I got this ketchup packet and opened up the dip & squeeze part. I never noticed before that I am a dip & squeeze girl. lol
Sriracha Ketchup? Yaaas!
Bruh, this is not a drill. Please put your seats in the fully upright positions and prepare for impact. This is a thing and it's glorious. If you're like me. You LOVE Sriracha Sauce (but that's not what I actually call it. Look at the pic on the bottle and you'll get it...
The Ketchup Debate
Grocery shopping is so much fun! Said no one ever......smh. I discovered the other day it's a little tougher when I don't have all 3 of my children with me. lol I have gotten so used to little hands grabbing what they want and throwing it in the basket (then me removing it on other aisles)…
Are You A Mustard Or Ketchup Person?
So I had a debate going on with my coworkers recently about which condiment they prefer with corn dogs. (we are so exciting we do debate these things) lol As you can see, I like both! I love ketchup and mustard and alternate between bites but I think the popular consensus among my crew was....
Ketchup ON Your Fries Or On The Side?
I recently realized something I had never noticed before about my boo. When sharing fries the other day as we drove thru a fast food joint, I now know that he likes ketchup ON his fries. Why does this matter? Because I do not. lol Which type of person are you?