Ketchup. Ranch dressing. Cheese sauce.Gravy. Barbecue sauce. Frosty? In case you couldn't tell what I was going for here, there is a pattern. The topic? Things you dip your french fries in. My personal favorite hands down are cheese, gravy and ketchup in that order. lol

Now the Frosty thing throws me off. I have heard people say before that they dip their fries in their ice cream, mainly milkshakes/Frosty's. I always thought ok that doesn't sound good, but don't knock it until you try it right?

So literally the picture you see is me trying it for the very first time. Verdict? Omigosh. Yeah, everyone was right. Definitely life-changing. It is the perfect combination of sweet and salty and now I think I am officially hooked. Is there a low-cal version of this newfound (for me anyway) snack?

But why stop with just the chocolate Frosty that I had that particular day? Vanilla, strawberry, my favorite rocky road. The possibilities are endless for me now.

This combo may be top 3 for me now and I'm definitely bummed I didn't try it sooner. Any other suggestions? I'm open to new things to dip my french fries into. Happy dipping!


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