As heard on Leo and Rebecca IN The Morning.
Domino's in Australia just shared a "hack" for reheating pizza in the microwave so it doesn't become soggy: You just need to put a glass of water next to it in the microwave.
The water helps the base of the pizza stay crispy but lets the cheese melt.
Heat up a slice for 30 to 45 seconds, and you'll have leftover pizza that isn't soggy.

Well, we all love pizza and I actually looked on YouTube to see if other people have done this and I did find some videos.
From what I see, the hack really doesn't work as well as some may say it does.

I guess I will have to grab some pizza and try this.
I do know that if you reheat Domino's Pizza on a skillet or pan that the crust does become crunchy. I've been doing that for a grip!
Happy pizza eating!