Who grabs an onion and puts it on her nightstand when someone tells her it will help her get over her sickness? This girl that's who! Is anyone else this gullible? Unfortunately, my daughter and I were sick over the Thanksgiving holiday and while having a convo with my cousin, she suggested an onion to help us get well. 

You gotta love home remedies. As you can see, I straight up cut up the onion, put it in a little bowl and had it next to my side of the bed on the night stand, but trust, I did not stop there....she also told me to slice up the onion, put it on the bottoms of my feet wrapped in Saran wrap and throw some socks on. So I did. Leo says it was 'all in my head' but I have to say, I slept very well that night! The smell was horrific the next morning but hey, for me it worked. What outrageous things have you tried?