You haven't seen each other in awhile and you get together and realize you 'look-alike!'

Let me give you a little background, I've had the same best friend since 2nd grade. She moved to my hometown from Arizona. It was 'besties' at first sight. lol We've seen each other through good and bad, thick and thin (literally) break-ups, make-ups, marriage, babies and we're still going strong over 25 years later. 

Unfortunately she lives 2 hours away and I don't see her often but we text and talk all the time and pick up where we left off each time. Well I was able to spend time with her over Spring Break and as soon as we saw each other had a good laugh, our hair is exactly the same, color and style and our nails are exactly the same color. It's a bestie thang, what can I say? What would we do without our best friends, I love you Ramona! (not her real name, a nickname Leo has given her) lol