Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - I'm not too Facebook savvy. Why is my wife's 1st love popping up on PEOPLE YOU MAY KNOW. We share a Facebook. Curious?
Do you share a Facebook with your spouse? And, if you do do you see PEPLE SHE MAY KNOW or PEOPLE YOU BOTH KNOW? lol. It can get confusing. Do you fully understand the PEOPLE YOU MAY NONW section of Facebook?

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Here's What The 432 Had To Say

Michael Galindo
Albert Tarango Mr expert why could this be?
· Reply · · 34m
Joann Subia
Because she has friends in common with that person
· Reply · · 48m
Fabian Ruiz
Sad reality. Everyone creeps on their exes. EVERYONE. 😁
· Reply · · 39m
MaryAlice Flores
Why you being insecure is the real question? Geez! Most of the time it’s because there’s mutual friends or because one or the other viewed their profile.
· Reply · · 36m
Angilo Saville
It's because of contacts that person may have uploaded, mutual friends or that person has been viewing her profile. If you truly trust her, there is nothing to worry about.
· Reply · · 42m
Anthony Magallanes Sr.
She looking at his profile lol
· Reply · · 51m
Ricky Barrientes
Cause someone was looking at someone's profile.

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