Why? Why am I not as good a cook as my momma? Someone please tell me! lol  First of all, I am always in awe at how easy and effortless my mother makes it look when she's cooking. I watched as she got the entire meal ready, tending to several things at once, stirring this, seasoning that and rolling out the tortillas that you see in the pic like nothing!

Quite the opposite from when I cook. I'm still so new at it, I have to concentrate and can usually only handle one dish at at time, no one can be in the kitchen with me and if you don't mind at least one thing being burnt, dinner should be ready within an hour. Not momma! I think she had the entire meal complete in about 20 minutes. It's not fair! lol What is even less fair? The fact that her tortilla on the left is perfectly round and edible, while the one I rolled out on the right is in the shape of who knows which state, hard and crunchy. Oh well, practice makes perfect right?

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