Which state do you think this is in the shape of? lol Here is the evidence that this mexican makes tortillas. However, the rule is, momma makes them and you do not comment on the fact that they are in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they are not perfectly round and that's ok. But, get this, I sent a pic to a good friend of mine when I made them and her response was, 'my hubby would so not eat those because they are not perfectly round.' To which I said, what the heck? You're kidding right? Ungrateful $#&^%$$. Apparently she uses a lid or something to cut them out perfectly round when she makes them. I'm sorry, I am making you a nice meal, complete with homemade tortillas and you are complaining? Then forget it, I'm done. Am I right ladies? You complain about my tortillas then no more, you can buy them at the store!

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