With 2 very active boys, I travel quite frequently. I am always on the go, go, go and there are a couple of things I recently discovered I must travel with or my trip is not complete. I only discovered this recently when I forgot one of my items at home. I call them 'road trip must-haves.'

First of all, before any trip begins I must have my Dramamine (motion sickness medicine). Yes I am 'that girl' that gets carsick. I remember when I was little, I always had to be in the front seat with the A/C right in my face or it was not going to be a good trip for anyone. lol Also, I fall asleep so I need a pillow. For those who get carsick, this goes hand in hand. If you are able to fall asleep, there is less of a chance you will get carsick, plain and simple. And finally because I am cold-natured, I always travel with a blanket because more than likely the person driving will ice me out!

I honestly don't think any of those items are unreasonable? I didn't even mention must have snacks or drinks, those 3 things will suffice. What are your road trip must-haves?


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